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(Recent photo of Russ (above) literally portraying an evil delinquent from NJ. No that is not Judas, or Jonscum, it is Russ in the picture.  Wise up to the miracle power of God, trinity heretics.  The baby pic priceless libs.)










You may copy pics from this site. -Russ




AUG 26, 2016




That is a sample of a drawing I worked on years ago, didn’t finish it.  The principle of detail, is why libs don’t see babies being murdered in abortion, or terrorists on the border, a criminal addict in Hillary.  Everybody else is doing it dopey libs, crime, why are you any different than thug rap artists?  It is also how trinity ended up as a church teaching, once you start ignoring directions, you can make anything you want as rules.  So reinvent the wheel, don’t murder, bear false witness…

Which libs are going to fight WW II for us again after Hillary trashed border security bad enough?


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If you actually took history, and revisit places like Lexington and Concord, Valley Forge, Forts Ti & McHenry, Independence Hall, The Liberty Bell- Rockers.

What the hell is this, Hillary Clinton is running for President?

You execute a baby and call it Women’s Healthcare.  It is goddamned murder you moron serial killer.

Leave America open to Mexico murders, and ISIS terrorism.

She gets Diplomats killed in Libya and wants to be corruption in chief.

These people who fought a revolution didn’t stand for the liberal crime wave.  Hillary is the enemy who is attacking freedom and democracy.  How the name democrat relates is a misnomer.

Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness.

That is not sex traffickers across our border.  Or making slaves out of working Conservatives.

Ben Carson has told you what happens if Religious Right votes, we win The White House.  No more lib tyranny on DC or 50 states.  There will be enough Conservatives in all houses to pass legislation at will.

It took us 8 freaking years to argue about the border, and it is still open.  That is what happens with libs on committees.

Patriot take it upon yourself to beat Hillary.

Look at Iran, punk Kim Jong, terrorism.





Patriots you need to be mad enough to get up and vote.  Recognize that libs don’t have happy fun time without corruption.  That is their main function in society is to go from Whitewater, to Benghazi to baby murder, Email scandal, empowering border  terrorism.  They want to be your masters, because inferior beings need an approach like that to stand on their own two feet.

You have 4th of July they have Lenin.  Stalin was good to them, we need to make more bullets to stop fools like that.

Hillary you are part of the immoral cess pool Jesus warned people about.  Why she is even a citizen anymore?

So tell us Psych Docs, after Hillary’s criminal record, why is she loose in society?  Anybody else does what she does, and this is incarceration.



AUG 25, 2016


FBI, Governor Cuomo, NYAG, New York Daily News, New York Times:

Below is a list of Emails that Governor Cuomo has sent me.

However, any legal action against Hillside racketeering, Albany RICO crimes, has not happened yet.  A mere five years to process this federal liability.

The apparent situation is Governor Cuomo has a dear affection for obstructing prosecution of crimes, when Conservatives are the victims.  See Buffalo Billion, Moreland Commission.  Prosecutors will need this information; as coercion, stalking, insubordination, when evaluating it against these other Emails as willing to perform job duties.

This is a feasance problem along with henchman Schneiderman in Albany.  If that is journalism to conceal this NY News agencies as I have contacted you, accomplice to racketeering may be your role.

Red, White, and Blue Patriot.

R.  Boardman

Carrying forth our nation’s founding visionFrom: “Governor Andrew M. Cuomo” <info@go.ny.gov> To:Russb Sent: Mon, Jul 04, 2016 08:01 AM

Get Screened, No ExcusesFrom: “Governor Andrew M. Cuomo” <info@go.ny.gov> To:Russb Sent: Mon, Jun 27, 2016 01:31 PM

Transformative change in 2016From: “Governor Andrew M. Cuomo” <info@go.ny.gov> To:Russb Sent: Thu, Jun 23, 2016 09:20 AM

Celebrating New York’s FathersFrom: “Governor Andrew M. Cuomo” <info@go.ny.gov> To:Russb Sent: Sun, Jun 19, 2016 08:01 AM

Honoring Our Fallen HeroesFrom: “Governor Andrew M. Cuomo” <info@go.ny.gov> To:Russb Sent: Mon, May 30, 2016 08:01 AM

Celebrating MomFrom: “Governor Andrew M. Cuomo” <info@go.ny.gov> To:Russb Sent: Sun, May 08, 2016 08:25 AM

Follow New York’s journey to $15From: “Governor Andrew M. Cuomo” <info@go.ny.gov> To:Russb Sent: Fri, May 06, 2016 02:47 PM

I Love My Park DayFrom: “Governor Andrew M. Cuomo” <info@go.ny.gov> To:Russb Sent: Wed, May 04, 2016 07:38 PM

On Earth Day, a cleaner, greener New YorkFrom: “Governor Andrew M. Cuomo” <info@go.ny.gov> To:Russb Sent: Fri, Apr 22, 2016 12:18 PM

On Earth Day, a cleaner, greener New YorkFrom: “Governor Andrew M. Cuomo” <info@go.ny.gov> To:Russb Sent: Fri, Apr 22, 2016 12:18 PM

Happy PassoverFrom: “Governor Andrew M. Cuomo” <info@go.ny.gov>

To:Russb Sent: Fri, Apr 22, 2016 10:02 AM

What we’ve accomplished togetherFrom: “Governor Andrew M. Cuomo” <info@go.ny.gov> To:Russb Sent: Thu, Dec 31, 2015 08:21 PM


-Good amounts of rain have continued on New York since I mentioned the mid summer drought.




Hey Hillary if you want to blame somebody for being a racist it is me.  My hangup is I don’t like some stupid people, especially the ones who are in charge of security and get people killed like at Benghazi.  We don’t need anymore of them in charge of DC, including you.  That race of people, how come, they were not aborted in the first place?  Libs can’t even murder the right babies?




In the last round with world terrorists.  US Navy fired warning shots Iranian boats that were harassing our crews.  With the avid insight of Hillary Clinton, wanting to give Iran nuclear material under genius John Kerry, and support for leaving America’s border open.

It is all safe Benghazi Shift Commander, what is the worst that can Pearl Harbor?  The war on terror is over Barack Judas remember?  We trust you, not like Koran lets you lie to us?

Go Hillary go, nukes in Mexico- another lie today, bomb Texas OK.  You actually got those people killed in Benghazi Hillary?  I used to drive right by Dover AFB on the way to Maryland, you could see the C-130s where they bring overseas caskets back to America.  You did that fiend at Benghazi, and got them killed?







I have made many complaints to The FBI over years about lib racketeering in New York State.  This leads me to believe that FBI is in need of a well oiled Meat Truck to pick up Hillside offenders, Albany child abuse supporters, OCFS delinquents, DA’s who are insubordinate including a Judge, possible Sheriff staff, NYS Police.  If possible maybe Mr. T can modify an 18 wheeler through use of welding tools, just like on The A Team, and make you an even bigger Meat Truck to carry these criminals.

Good job not prosecuting Hillary, I understand only court of public opinion had a clear shot at her pre election, so use that instead.  If Hillside did this to a Black Man, how Lynch and Obama would prosecute.  Racist lib crime cowards in NY media, you can’t even speak about it.

Finally John Wayne would not accept this crime scene in America from libs.  Comey, time comes to cowboy up and bring these devils in, and for Sheriff Joe who is under persecution by Redcoat libs, you know the ones; peace, joy, love, happiness, baby murder in abortion.

Wishing you plenty of handcuffs and extra bullets to do the job.

-Russ Boardman


Stiffleg Deadlifts

Are another weight room exercise, if you want to keep the knee still and work hamstrings, it is less wear on cartilage.  Where leg press keeps cartilage compressed while moving on it.  However this is not an isolation exercise for only hamstrings.  Females often don’t want the  “Mr. Wonderful” traps muscle being worked so much.


In Christian circles it is a very bad thing if you are a butch as a female.  And if you come up as a botch, well that is a travesty.



Win November, do your part.

Patriots we need to pull together here to stop Hillary.  Promise Keepers need to speak to whole churches, all Pastors look at the baby murder in abortion.

God never told you to not be a watchman on the wall from Ezekiel.  Jesus said to keep the teachings and use your talents as a Christian.

You have a duty to vote and get others up to win in November.

That crazy b_tch is trying to leave America open to ISIS.  America’s Kids were supposed to stop crime how Hillary psychopath?





AUG 24, 2016






If it helps passing along a change in weight room routine.  I expect to switch to using fly movements for upper body, as opposed to pressing for a good part of the year.  Reason, is pressing movements compress cartilage, fly movements are a distraction force on shoulder joints, and prevent grinding here where the elbow is fixed.

I did get some some fly work in during Fort Ti week.  Worked up to 12 plates a side on a cable machine.  Had to use one hand at a time to keep my feet on the floor (standing), it was so heavy.  I could have used more weight, which the machine had but you don’t jump up in weights that fast on a stretching movement like a chest fly and call it safe.

Still expect to do some pressing exercises in a year, but will cut it back alot.  Same for shoulders, use side laterals and other raises as exercises.

If you are trying to do this with the knee joint, protect cartilage.  Switch to leg extension and curls instead of pressing.  I worked in a hospital for knee replacement patients, you don’t want that.

If it is spine, in twisting or rotation movements, I would not use anything where weight is pushing down on your spinal column.  Because then you are twisting on the discs under load.  It grinds them down?  1/4 of the spine height is disc.

Honestly I think it is fun to change the routine up.  A chest workout that is all fly work, I guess I have the appetite for this.

To compliment chest, kickbacks as an exercise on triceps might be the answer.  The triceps is a biarticulate muscle, that spans operating the shoulder and elbow.  If you lean over and put one hand on a weight bench for kickbacks, to hold the weighted elbow up along your torso,  it takes triceps energy already.  This is making the muscle weaker at being able to extend the elbow also, so you use less weight as a dumbbell in your hand.  Less weight is less grinding on the cartilage.  This exercise seated/upright or on an incline bench with a cable, takes gravity out of compressing the joint from above also.  Recommendations have been to not go to the last 5-10 degrees of elbow extension to save the joint.

So far I am healthy, in better shape than when I played at UB.  Be wise though, look at older athletes.

God Bless




How are you going to vote for someone who lets ISIS over the border?  Hillary has lost her marbles.



This election is critical 2016.

We need Bush camps, Arnold, Kasich.

People overuse “look” in conversations and I don’t like it, because it comes at you like a person is walking down the wrong side of a sidewalk as a regular conversation piece.  Too pushy, etc…

Anyways…we better pull it together on the right.  Whatever your differences are with Trump, he needs your support to watch your back.  It won’t come from DNC or a pot head independent.

We could really use a UNIFIED right to stop Hillary.

To that no one has spoken up against Hillside.  So just take over New York lib crime.  Fox why don’t you let Judge Jeanine handle this?

Winning November is mandatory GOP, you must vote just to insult Hillary’s snot attitude problem.  It is a moral imperative you do this as a Patriot.  Rescuing stabbed babies will have to wait in the meantime.





Dear Russ ,

You’re not going to believe this. And you may have to read this email a second time to allow it all to sink in.

A federal judge has just recommended the US Attorney’s Office investigate me for possible criminal contempt. The judge made this decision just 10 days before my primary election!

I never would have imagined I’d be writing you such an email. Let me explain what is going on:

This decision by this judge stems from a “racial profiling” case brought against me by the ultra-liberal American Civil Liberties Union – or better known as the ACLU. You know them. They’re the far-left group that makes a living off suing police departments for financial gain. They’re also the ones who defend child molesters, cop killers and known terrorists such as Khalid Sheik Mohamed – the mastermind of 9/11 attacks!

Support Sheriff Joe!
>>> Donate $50 right now >>>

This all started when Attorney General Eric Holder started an investigation on me right after Obama took office. The ACLU and the Obama’s Justice Department have sued me repeatedly in court because of my unwavering position against illegal immigration, Obama’s executive orders on amnesty and having an unsecured border where criminals and drugs flow across freely.

I was faced with a tough re-election battle before, but now the stakes just got higher. . . WAY HIGHER. In addition to campaigning for re-election I’m now going to have to fight tooth and nail against this court action. That’s why I need your help, right away.

Barack Obama, his Justice Department and their far-left allies like the ACLU would love nothing better than to see me convicted of a crime.

But I want to be clear: I have not been found guilty of anything. And to be even more clear: I am running for re-election for Sheriff.

Nothing – I repeat, nothing – will stop me from doing the job I was elected to do. And I will not be intimidated by anyone who seeks to silence me from speaking out against our federal government’s failure to secure our border or enforce our immigration laws. But in order to continue to do my job I need your immediate financial help right now.

Support Sheriff Joe!
>>> Donate $50 right now >>>

While this process unfolds, I am more determined now than ever to win this election. This whole case has been politicized from the very beginning and I’ve largely been quiet about it because I respect the process. But I can no longer sit by quietly while these left-wing elements use the courts in an effort to damage me politically.

There are two things I know for sure: I will never back down from a fight. I’m going to do everything in my power to fight this case because I know I’ve done nothing wrong. I’m confident, at the end of the day, I’ll be cleared of any wrongdoing.

Secondly, I know I cannot win this election without your immediate support. The media is already having a field day with this. They’re intentionally misleading the public about this case and making it sound as if I’m going to jail! This could not be further from the truth. But they have a pre-determined narrative about me. They hate my guts because I stand up for the truth and for the Rule of Law.

As I said before, this election just got a lot more difficult. I’m not going to sugar coat anything here. Without your help, these guys win.

Support Sheriff Joe!
>>> Donate $50 right now >>>

I’m going to have to re-double my efforts to win this race which means more TV ads, more mail, more signs, and more campaign appearances to get my message out to the voters that I’m not backing down. I need financial support from patriots like you to allow me to do that –will you donate $50 today to help?

I’ve always fought for the people of this country. I’ve dedicated my life to public service and law enforcement.

I know I’ve asked you for your help before and you have delivered. I’m now asking again because without your help, I’m dead in the water. The only way I can compete with the millions of dollars in misleading, negative attacks ads that are sure to come my way, are to get my message directly to the voters. But that is going to mean the support of good citizens like you.

So please give whatever you can to my campaign today.

For our country,

Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County, Arizona








With the entry below on rewarding trouble.  Basic programs in NY, have tried to stress positive reward in Juvenile system as a means of running a program.  Setting is you have Teens who are far away from home, their freedom is taken away.  Rewards that they get are small, and are part of a compromised living arrangement.  The idea is retrain a Teen, but it is not here you will get this to avoid a tantrum.  My approach is if you want have a tantrum, go ahead and you will receive restrictions, instead of any positive reward.

I understand at the detention level, they don’t appreciate the buddy approach of Teen residential.  Detention has the harder offenders, which from I know in psych of a hierarchy why a person makes right decisions, avoiding punishment is the lowest performer.  That is what hardened criminals operate as, if you don’t discipline them they won’t listen.

Hillside used buddy bucks as a reward.  It is like Monopoly money where they can buy maybe up to a radio at campus store.

When it is going too far.  Lib clinical staff are criminals, they try to make discipline a four letter word, turn placement into home, and give Clients everything.  Even when it is not safe like parental advisory music, or here arrange your room any old way against safety standards.  Sleep on your heater, which is smaller than most motel heaters.

The other problem is they try to base relationship building as the main theme of placement.  If Client does not perform it must be staffs fault.  Someone will get taken to court for this before I am done if it doesn’t stop.  Client diagnosed with criminal disorder, so it is staffs fault when they don’t act right?  Student refused to do schoolwork, let’s blame teacher because your Teen emulates a thug?  Clinical Doc prescribes psychoactive meds, but let’s blame teacher?










Article today on criminals being paid to not get in trouble at a suburb of SF in Richmond, Cali.

The basic psych of this program is defunct.  When I took child/adolescent psych they taught us don’t tell the crying kid at a supermarket checkout, if you stop then you get a candy bar.  What you end up making is the junior mafia in the end, because kid figures out if they want a candy bar all they have to do is start being a problem.

The deal of capitalism is you respect other peoples freedom or you go to jail, take it or leave it.  You didn’t know how to stop being in crime or some mysterious magnetic force was making you be a felon?  No you choose crime because that is more valuable to you than other peoples freedom.  Most criminals suffer under mental diagnosis of willful disorders.  They can control it and won’t.  A bible does not even make an excuse for Cain.

The program at SF is built on a bad oversight, rewarding brats.



AUG 23, 2016



Stalking in a word.  FBI needs to see how they are discriminating against the Conservative.  Nobody else is here to say what happened.  It was the “A” student of a staff getting framed by corrupt child abusers.  Arrogant banquet goers who tell Hillside boards and bosses, that they didn’t pull the plug out of the bottom of the Hillside corporation, are sinking into fed prison liability, more wine fellows?

In another word, CRISIS, is what this has brought to NY.  No one under a NY sun will stop Cuomo, OCFS, NYAG, Dennis Richardson, Staino.  These people are not safe at other peoples jobs.  We need them off the street.  It goes so far with corrupt DA’s and Hillside Admin.  Oh yeah NY Kids, forgot (ahem), so today if you call in new child abuse to the hotline at Albany, you get the delinquents who let Hillside keep going answering the calls.

It is a crisis and the libs have become so defiant to child abuse protection, it is like Waco.  When is Cuomo gonna stop the manure, when FBI surrounds his compound with a chopper and armed vehicles?  Come out with your hands up Andrew we know you’re in there.

This is some serious crime, to hell with stopping child abuse?




Form submission from: Questions & Comments to Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman
From: “Eric T. Schneiderman” <webmaster@ag.ny.gov> Header
Sent: Thu, Jan 23, 2014
Thank you for sending your comment to the New York State Attorney General .

This is an automatic confirmation of your e-mail to us. Please do not respond to this

Submitted on Thursday, January 23, 2014

Submitted values are:

–Personal Information–
Salutation: Mr.
First Name: Russell
Last Name: Boardman

State/Province: New York

Email Address: Russb

A highlight on Boardman vs Hillside. Evidence submitted to NYS Atty
General, a 6-30-11 fake write up signed by Mike Staino. OCFS arranged meeting #1 at 5-19-11. At that meeting C.M. from On Grounds is assigned to me as
supervisor to handle shift by shift concerns, because no one in chain of command will do
their jobs prior. She is a level one staff like anyone at. I had already been to
Staino who is her boss about my file at 5-19-11. After this no one helped on the
slandered file so I went up chain of command to level two. At OCFS meeting #2 6-30-11
Staino tries to sweep his apathy under the carpet and cite contacts above him in chain as
violations on 6/5,6/6, 6/21. The write up indicates I had agreed to go to C.M. for
concerns, yeah for child abuse on, not my file.

Either way Policy allows I
could bypass C.M. on any issues for the start. For Staino to even try to institute
that on a write up shows he is subv
erting the Hillside policy without authority, I think it is coercion also, fraud.

An evidence email from the same day of 6-30-11 the fake write up, also shows email to
President Richardson, who I had permission to contact on budget concerns. Staino being
allowed to retaliate after that email, shows the agency is targeting the mandated child
abuse reporter, and let Staino retaliate at 7-6-11 termination. It is typical at
Hillside that floor sups indicate shifts
ran well when they didn’t so they don’t get blamed. I see the same game with Admin and
OCFS, lie to preserve the polished corporate image.
New York State Attorney General Web Team



The end game of Supreme Council is Law Enforcement is going to have to be able to act on the proceeding.  So if a Justice tries to obstruct Supreme Council, they still arrest the proven guilty party.

Without it there is no way to stop evil Supreme Courts.

And then the same a Justice before a criminal court for misconduct, and their buddy ol’ pal Judge friend tries to let them off the hook.  Back to Supreme Council, you falsified the decision and used your opinion instead.


As I said before about there needing to be a quick solution to Supreme Court crime.  The difference between a Supreme Court appeal and a Council.  We already know the political bias of Justices.  How there is two versions of the law based on whether you are Conservative or a democrat that denies democracy?

The Council I would make accessible for Citizen, Congress, private Council to utilize.  And no long court cases.  If a court can’t put their cards on the table and say here is where we met law definitions in the case, the decision is thrown out.  No motions for delays lasting weeks or even months, you had court and fudged the proceedings, then it is reversed.

What this does is collapses prayer banned in school, and Roe v. Wade.  If we have definitions in law that the court has to abide to.  So definition of when life begins then Roe v. Wade is against-life and the pursuit of happiness.  In theory existing courts are supposed to follow this, in practice it is a joke.  The law should remain, that Justices deciding on cases proven corrupt by Supreme Council are removed and arrested, no more liberal tyranny court for you dem cowards.  This should be short and sweet at reversing the charges.

This country was not made so liberal snakes could trample freedom.  You want to fight in court I say we give it to you dems.  Then you pay damages and go to prison.  It is not safe to turn you loose on society.



AUG 22, 2016


A picture went by of Hillary in an office setting.  I know for her it was one more hairstyle and another outfit.  I mean that to be real, she really is playing dress up and is courting the crucifixion of America to her fashion whims.

I looked at it, and it was like this reckless group of fools set themselves up in our national security and intelligence helm.  Where a 12 year old would not be any more or less competent.  She is so dumb Hillary likes Obama’s border policy.

The people who give Hillary praise.  The worst Pres in history Obama who faked the end of a war on terror, took down healthcare, budget, and belongs in jail by US Law Code 18 as a terrorist.  How many times will he give away funds for people who needed it to illegal criminals?  Bill Clinton, about her ability to make change.  Um no Bill we wanted national defense as policy, that does not need to be neglected like Benghazi, better compare notes with Pearl Harbor victims.  Joe Biden, who the heck is he, what does Joe do other than make cameo appearances like Alfred Hitchcock in a baby murder movie called abortion?  These are some of the worst people to ever disgrace DC.

They are your worst enemies Black America, their policies are destroying you like alcohol does a person in a bible, turning a sinner into a laughingstock for one’s enemies.

Hillary you suck, I would not hire you to manage Benghazi much less a county jail or baby murder factory.




On the below Email that Governor Cuomo tries to equate the American Heritage with some type of perverse gay/lesbian behaviors.

These homo people suffer from a very poor mental quality says scriptures.  Attempting to attack the digestive system, and use of artificial unnecessary prosthetic devices for confused social behaviors.  The gay community would not have won 1776, God would have slaughtered them like Sodom and Gaymorrah.  Governor Cuomo is a White Collar criminal who has allowed multiple acts of crime to go unprosecuted against Conservatives.  He is a liar to present he is doing his job as a public servant.

Authorities you need to bring this scoundrel to justice in accordance with Federal Laws for racketeering.  You are caught Andrew, time to stop playing office in Albany and persecuting Patriots.  When God gets even with you…




Now with Colin Powell, where she says he advised her to use personal Email for Sec of State duties.  Powell denies the claim he did this.


Don’t trust Hillary?  Think about this, she is a Lawyer hired as Sec of State for Muslim saboteur Obama.  A person who reads rules, and went through a training to do a job.  If you were Cashier at Walmart, and the Manager asks you if you gave the customer the sale price or the full price on an item,  you probably know exactly what you did.  Hillary oops was sending classified info by accident?  I don’t buy it, she is an arrogant individual who went against her job description?  Lied in testimony, to millions of people.

She was already doing this for a year before Powell was involved, and she is citing him as a reference case?  That is falsehood, I told you don’t turn your back, she is pathological and will get people hurt doing her job.

You want Trump all the way to secure America.



Dear Russ,

On this day 240 years ago, the United States of America was founded on the principles of equality, liberty and the right of self-governance. This revolutionary idea marked the beginning of a great endeavor to create what Abraham Lincoln would later coin “a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

New York played a pivotal role in the birth of our nation, and today the Empire State continues to be at the forefront of furthering the cause of freedom and equality.

From the birthplace of the women’s rights movement to the modern LGBT movement, New York has led the nation in social justice. We’ve shown that by embracing our differences and working together, we can build a stronger state and country.

View the official Independence Day proclamation.

As we gather together this Fourth of July to celebrate with family and friends, let us also remember New York’s veterans and the brave men and women who have answered the call of duty. Their service and sacrifice has been the foundation that upholds those ideals first declared more than two centuries ago.

To all of them and to all of you, I extend my warmest wishes for a Happy Independence Day.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Re: Carrying forth our nation’s founding vision
From: “Russ Boardman” <russb
Sent: Mon

Governor Cuomo:

Hypocrite that you are.

You need to do your job and stop interfering with prosecution of Hillside Rochester like Moreland Commission. Your NYAG knew years ago about the crime.


-Russ Boardman



AUG 21, 2016


Things I would like to see in GOP.

For Florida in the electoral college, both  Bush camps and Rubio to support Trump.  And have Trump back Rubio for Florida.  If 43 did not win this state no White Male in the last 24 years would have won The White House for GOP?

We need Florida.

NY is worth a try.  If Trump campaigned Buffalo, dumped Cuomo at Albany it effects the whole state across thruway cities, and NYC.  The child abuse scandal, if Fox promotes this, NYC wants a lib child abuse protecting Governor in NY, or DNC backers of this in charge of DC?  Zeldin and Reed win in NY, if you look at 2014, and bump percentages 4% for GOP, drop DNC 4% Trump could not win it?  It draws support from other states that he stands up to child abuse.

Other swing states, Carolina, Penn, maybe.

Black Community I know can be reasoned with ’cause I lived on a Black campus at UMES.  I had friends who were Black, Christians.  Dems wrecked the budget and everything else follows; military, healthcare.  You really trust Hillary after Benghazi?  Of course you don’t Black America.  She doesn’t even care about sex trafficking at Mexican border.  Sex slaves are raped, and Hillary does not care, she has whose back?

I filled out a survey this week, thought Trump should split campaign between Policy and exposing Hillary.  Don’t turn your back on her.




After watching Rex Ryan speak, on Buffalo’s 21-0 win in pre- season.  He has command of the situation, I have to say he is the man Pegula needs in there to lead this team.  Answering on strong areas and struggles.  Buffalo goes up against Washington and Detroit before a season opener with Baltimore.

Pre- season I know teams try new Players out and it is not always about a win, but see how young guys do.  Interested to see what Buffalo uses as a D Line with injuries and new acquisitions.  The same at Running Back who they use to compliment McCoy, Gillislee injured yesterday.  It is not Buffalo does not have depth.  But rather this can be something exceptional.  Other positions, Linebackers, D Backs, I know injuries but I don’t question The Bills yet, they have guys who can play.  Expect a good secondary, LB’s who can cover and hit.  The one thing that has not formed yet, some teams in the past; NY Giants, Saints, had LB Corps it was said who were like going against a jailbreak.  Four guys who bring it week in and out.  With injuries you can’t get that, but Buffalo has to swing that type of defense to do what they did today.  A fast pass rush opposite Hughes to me,  is chaos to a QB.  Like Cornelius or Gastineau.

Thanks Bills, looking forward to 2016.




With the obvious Admin staff at Hillside caught in severe federal crimes against the child abuse reporting system.

Some of these lower level staff who made the original harassment, slip into the backdrop, and are not before a court on behalf of Hillside.

As I said Baptists who were getting caught in negligence and abuse on their own floors retaliated.  It is a big clique of individuals.  Poorman, Harris, Steele, Delooze are family members of staffs, in pairs at least involved.  Hillside thought hiring family members was wise, leave it to the Christians to ruin that.  Floor Sups Sue and Aaron kept playing it is not my job to handle complaints over weeks.

Complaints went to a former US Army Staff who was too undersized to do his job at 155 lbs as On Grounds/Shift Sup.  He would sometimes be a noise problem, ignore complaints for weeks into months, get loud and accusatory at meetings to cover his tracks.  He would assign other staff to do his job because he ( Jeff) could not handle the responsibilities.  Buddy ol’ pals Jackie or Bill you don’t want on your floor either who are their friends.

When complaints continued to our OCFS Rep about a Nurse who was a former jail guard, and dared me to turn him in for disturbances, nothing happened.  Karen the Center Supervisor or assistant to the Program Director, would try to misclassify complaints as taking things too hard when OCFS was being notified on abuse problems.

Program Director Staino was told about Jeff”s story that his wife had problems working at a bank and career sabotage. Staino then teamed up with HR Rep Julie to falsify complaints on my OCFS reporting.  Basic is you call Cops you expect them to do jobs, same with OCFS.  Not we ignore negligent Cops like this case who I Emailed multiple times, and they never got back to me, about Jeff their buddy who works at the jail with them.

Julies’ boss Helen at HR as head of dept never replies, and lets records falsification go on.  It only gets worse as you go up the Admin ladder, Omnibuds staff Joe insulates crime, Dennis as Pres is a crime addict.

Yeah you have them caught, but society can’t trust these staff to go into a job and not steal, or not bear false witness, threaten client safety.  I called one in to OCFS and a client was being dragged with on grounds from the Baptist clique.  OCFS called it inappropriate custodial conduct over the phone, like the kid was a broom?

We had one former supervisor Chris who curses his head off on shift and I can hear him from another floor.  Your Hillside leadership hard at work.

I am not intimidated by punk staff, it does not matter if you weight 400 lbs, took martial arts, were a Marine, or work with dirty Cops.  I’d fight all of you if I had to.  AC/DC does not mean jack to me either, you can be thrown in jail the same on citizens arrest.  Next time I bench press in the 540 lbs range I will have to let you know.

Authorities this is the safe child care environment you have made for NY Youth.  Scums like Andrew Cuomo have made sure that they attack the free world, and insist on a gay criminal agenda through Schneiderman.

Obama ain’t done your job yet crook,  USAG Lynch see your racist approach to prosecuting crimes.  How is this pick and choose on stopping crime?  You are the worst dirty cops in America, racist Black Admin in DC.  Domestic terrorists to be technical about it.

 Hillside needs new Staff who are not CHILD ABUSERS.



AUG 20, 2016


The tantrum that libs have put on through irresponsible  and racist Obama.  Let Hillside do that to a Black American- guy, and see what you do Barack.  Anyways, they have demanded sex offender and terrorist infection of our border, trash finances, murder babies, slander Patriots in the media, legalize drugs, corrupt society and elections.  If it was a boxing match I’d knock your dentures out donkey.

Tonight, I would get some ice water, or whatever to recoup.  We have to run hard in the weeks ahead.  The guilt in libs denial psyche, not enough, they don’t care about other people.

Interested to see how Trump will begin the first ” What difference does it make?” debate with Hillary.  What difference if we defend the border or stop national debt, have actual healthcare for Vets?  The difference between a third world country and Hillary’s plans?  That is ugly Hillary.




So far I have not seen backup on Hillside racketeering.  These are some serious crimes that libs are trashing New York with.  If we were all college dorm mates and they were doing this to child abuse reporting?  You are a scum Obama that is why it continues.

Until I get backup, I am not voting 2016 on Presidential bids.  For years I have posted GOP fundraising for elections.  Now I am going to wait for some representation before I go further.  No GOP helps me then I am not going to put up GOP fund raising info.  Someone has to contact Comey on behalf of New York’s worthless Kids, by GOP.  If Fox News does it then OK, that will be enough.  But right now it is making the problem worse to keep going along with the silent GOP.

Sheriff Joe is not a Politician so I don’t blame him.  Nobody wants to stop Cuomo for NY?  OCFS is safe to you?  If they did this to one child abuse reporter then to the rest of them also?  NYAG makes sure of it.

Serious crime, threatens Kids safety, OCFS vultures over all of NY’s Kids.  Cuomo and NYAG you take no action against your henchmen at Hillside.  If I was a robot it shows what you do to Kids.  You can’t blame a robot for reporting what it sees.




Looked good in the first half against NY Giants today.  They are moving the ball running and passing.  EJ as backup QB to Taylor, it makes for a solid approach to season.

Karlos Williams was let go by Buffalo.  Last season Williams about to set a record for consecutive games scoring, and as a rookie as running back.  The Bills are hinting he would not have made the team, with other talent they have in 2016.  Which is hard to argue with as reasoning.  Karlos made alot of happy Bills fans last year.

Also LB Enemkpali injured ACL, news says Bills are to release him, while his name is still on roster.  260 lbs Linebackers with his pass rush, are a rare find.  Not much fun to see either him or K.  Williams out.

  D Lineman-Mr. Big Stuff is headed to Rehab for drug abuse.

Buffalo overall, this is a good team, 21-0 halftime lead on NY Giants.  Penalties are down so far compared to the mess last year.




Hillside crime agency, they have the best Childcare.




 I used to count meds at work, five bottles per client, hundreds of pills for each person. When criminal staff receive Clinical diagnosis for mental disorders at Hillside, they will be under this realm as patients.  Nah, leave ’em in charge, what could possibly happen Sandusky?  Courage you chickens, stand up and expose Hillside, they are out of control!




Where we left off with Hillside is they were advised through agency in house Council, that I will not ever settle with Dennis Richardson in charge or employed at Hillside.

He was to be fired by policy, responsible for perjury crimes of HR staff in my cases.  Feds can ring him up for RICO law violations.

No Hillside Admin has Trumped his corruption, and so remain liable.

Did I mention Children are in the care of these felons?  NYAG, Cuomo, Lynch, the shame is all yours you knew.  US Attys knew, and so did Obama.  Protecting child abuse on taxpayers money that funds Hillside to hire liars from Nixon Peabody.

FBI I want their legal licenses revoked at Nixon Peabody, they are criminals.  Feeling better libs, you attack Children at Hillside by obstructing prosecution of child abusers.  Oprah, what do you say?  This is starting to smell like manure in Albany, crime against children.

Hillary these are your friends who are doing this.  Tom Reed I Emailed you but no reply.  US Congress from out of state or MD may need to jump in the fight to find protection for Children and Teens, Young Adults.  You have County DA’s to prosecute also FBI.

Any staff at Hillside would have to report Dennis to authorities, if they knew of his perjury backing.  Therefore I stand my ground he leaves, or no settlement.  If it is $215 million you have to pay to learn agency and individual staff as defense are not getting away with the crime, then so be it.  On behalf of Children and Babies I was helping I will not look the other way for you.

I know these criminals find it amusing what they do.  Cowards who are failures as staff, and are wimps to me.  You see who is laughing devils, the opinion of snakes I really don’t care about.  They are a joke of an agency due to felons in charge.

FBI don’t forget the Judge, could not keep the facts straight and tried to cover for a falsified court record.

Do you actually think I look up to you libs?




Conservatives understand that evil rulings from lib Judges have remained in effect for decades.  The present system where Politicians are stuffing courts with their delinquent non law abiding Judges, is not capable of solving unconstitutional decisions.

What needs to be created is a Supreme Council to oversee previous court decisions, and evaluate them based on their rule of law adherence.  Solely on whether they have abridged Constitutional freedoms by legal  “definition”.

The problem is lib Judges have played stupid to not recognize human babies as lives, and have so justified murder in Roe v. Wade.  Minor oversight DNC idiots, you have written homicide into law and called it healthcare.  I don’t care about your women’s rights as a retarded argument.  Open the other eye, and an innocent baby victim male or female, in an act of discrimination called abortion, of course the baby victim is actually a woman’s body in disguise and you were fooled by this deception.  Now don’t you feel dumb Hillary?

 Retried in Supreme Court, libs will continue to obstruct justice when we should be throwing them in jail.  Roe v. Wade will remain as an inequality, prayer in school will be persecuted.  When the government American history failures of the donkey party realize, that oh yeah separation of church and state means a government funded school can’t tell a Patriot Christian that “free exercise of religion” can be interfered with.

I understand you are below average people in intelligence on the left, now get out of the way.

Therefore, two four, and wherefore, a supreme council shall overrule any Supreme Court decisions that were outside the law, and prosecute juvenile delinquent equivalent Judges, who are responsible for the crimes.

Oh no bigger government of what $1 million a year for a Council of 10 Justices?  Saves us revolutions, and stops baby murder, no more religious persecution.  The persecution of our Constitutional rights, you have to lean toward Trump wins, libs are going to see the strong arm of the law for harassment of libel and coercion.

The present system does not work, it needs to be remedied to stop previous court crimes and new ones quickly, putting perps in donkey jail.  Fun for you lib devils, where you learn a lesson about being self entertained sadists to free Americans.  All that fun time making court into a law bender festival, payback is coming.  You want the crime, you get put in a cage.

Bad freaking Donkeys everywhere, we can’t have it anymore.  Now that is poetry.




US policy has failed in the past to serve justice on world terrorists.  The idea that we don’t go in to Iraq because if you remove a vicious dictator the problem gets worse?

OK so if a terrorist takes over an unstable enough area then they don’t get disciplined.  That is how we fight like ferries as a country.  We do have the bombs you know, where Saddam and Assad, you just go kill devils like that.

France helped us in our Revolution, you don’t let criminals stay in charge.  Innocent victims are going to stop someone like Assad how if we don’t help?  The guy is a piece of trash, kill him.  Kim Jong is a punk with an ego problem, I’d be happy to knock him in the grave for his danger to world safety.  You don’t intimidate jack Kim Jong.  Looking for a fight you’d have it.

Our leaders don’t understand how to finish deals.  We have the firepower, then you execute terrorists where necessary.  If you want to nation build support free people behind a defensible line, and hammer the devils down range.

Some world criminals will never listen and have to be destroyed.



AUG 19, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 3.12.00 PM


AUG 18, 2016


Yes you can copy the last pic if you want of gunner duty.



I watched Trump speak tonight.

Now we have the issues out in the center of the ring.  This man is a superior leader to Hillary criminal.

As a Christian, and as a REAL help to Black America.

Christians keep praying for Mr. Trump.

Let It Ring!




I had to man the gun for The Patriots before leaving Fort Ti.

Bystander makes futile attempt to plug ears.


Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 9.11.03 PM


Some pics of Fort Ticonderoga 2016.  Help yourself if you want any of these shots below.

You may have to enlarge some to see them clear.

This was a key fort in The American Revolution.  La Chute River connects Lake Champlain to Lake George which the fort overlooks, and access to the Atlantic or Hudson River is possible from this water highway.  Battles to the south with Fort William Henry ( Last Of The Mohicans) between British and French are the history, after Huron captured the Fort Ti site from Mohawks.

American forces take the fort under Ethan Allen from a British army.  Washington has the cannons moved to Boston from Fort Ti (conderoga).  Nearby fighting at Saratoga was a huge Patriot victory when Brit Burgoyne failed to divide Colonials, and was defeated.

How Governor Cuomo’s racket continues at five years over Hillside in proximity to this history?


Fort tour was excellent, I do recommend going to see it if you are in the area.



Cannon inside the fort walls.


Why doesn’t Mexico border have walls like this?



Mount Defiance in the background.


Trump we need something like this south of Texas, 2000 miles of it.


Got some archery in on the trip.


A fellow archer at a clout shoot.  The target is a tarp out in a field, aim for the sky.  Fun?


Taking a break out on a kayak.  Feet up, dark colored aqua socks I liked, never tried those before for boating.  It was hard work in some two foot waves, over two miles distance.  The training effect in the back was nice for cardio.


Sunset pics along the way.



For those in NYC, this was Hudson River in the far north amidst a Heavenly glow, looking south.

Vote Patriots don’t LET the libs win November, it is ours to lose.  I would trust Hillary Clinton to protect America like a gremlin.  You have to get in the fight to vote, your whole church.

God Bless



AUG 17, 2016


Cali fires, freak.






Bible is seek ye first the kingdom of God and all of its righteousness and these things will be added to you.

Strategy against a loser like Hillary.

#1.  Trump has to show a winning plan regardless of any competition.

#2.  Hillary has such a terrible professional record; Whitewater, policies of her husband and Obama’s she supports.  Four protesters she got killed at Benghazi.  Pathological lies to millions, FBI, Congress, Perjury.

She does not qualify to be Meter Maid with a criminal record like that,  not even if you like her.

That is an easy approach to debates.  To me the biggest hurdle is the image that is built up in peoples minds about her ability to lead the country.

Hillary’s approval with Black Voters defies the righteousness of God as Martin Luther King Jr. would preach it.  She supports baby murder, and Ben Carson told you Planned Parenthood was designed to keep The Blacks down, kill their babies, get it?  As a border defense she is 9-11 ALL OVER AGAIN.  I am not going to patronize left voters and say hey trust Hillary this is safe, that would be playing you for a fool.  She will get people killed, of any color.  This woman is not who we need.

I will also say, if convicted on perjury she may be prescribed psychoactive meds by a Clinical Psych Doctor for her condition of mental disorder that leads her into crime before millions, as the DSM verifies.  Ask Krauthammer, it is a fact.

Most PTA’s would not want Hillary after Benghazi, lies to FBI.  Here you become commander in chief, no damn way, she is as bass ackwards of a leader.  She is trying to destroy America is what her policies say.

If Trump is about building a wall like Mexico.  The wall he needs to build similar to Nehemiah at Jerusalem, is made of bricks called God principles.

Libs have to know that he is actually trying to help defend America, innocent babies, finances.  And that she is the person most in need of having to get real she is such a klepto.

I am not going to lie to you Black America, she will get you hurt.

God Bless






AUG 16, 2016


It was freaky, while walking I noticed that the sky above was going opposite directions to itself.  Still bright blue, massive clouds, was this the beginning of a tornado, or was the near sky only moving different?

You libs ain’t so brilliant on the wrath of God.  Leaving a border open to rape and terrorists with rocket launchers.  The sky forming a lightning storm, where flashes were so bright you about want shades on, cracks hitting earth.

God should not level you libs for running a rape business on the Mexican border? You have it all figured out like Pearl Harbor and 9-11.  Be ashamed you arrogant sex offenders.  The donkey should be a Eunuch?  We can’t leave you in charge, I don’t care what the warcry of your political affiliation is, responsible adults defend a border, stop rape, protect kids and babies.

Libs there is plenty of room on the righteous right side of the game, come on over. Black America all are welcome in Ben Carson’s camp.

The storm thunders away as I write to you.

-I have seen Him in the watchfires of a hundred circling camps,

They have builded him an altar in the evening dew and damps-

-I can read His righteous sentence by the dim and flaring lamps-

Our God is marching on.

God Bless Christians,







We don’t have a moment to lose. The Republican National Committee is considering withdrawing support from Donald Trump’s campaign, and that is exactly what Hillary Clinton needs to win the presidency!

Seventy members of the Republican establishment have signed and sent a letter to Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus demanding that he withdraw financial support from Donald Trump’s campaign.

More importantly, the Republican National Committee is considering giving in to their demands — which will hand this election to Hillary Clinton.

Please join me in taking IMMEDIATE action.

I will see that your signed petition, along with my petition and the petitions of tens of thousands of other concerned Americans are delivered directly to Chairman Reince Priebus at the RNC.

We don’t have a moment to waste.

If RNC Chairman Reince Priebus withdraws financial support from Donald Trump’s campaign, the results will be disastrous.

It will be a clear sign to Hillary Clinton that Republicans have given up…and I’m afraid that it could be the advantage that Hillary needs to win the presidency.

You see: Hillary already has a fundraising advantage. Together with the Democrat National Committee, Hillary Clinton has raised more than $405 million. And you had better believe that every last dollar will be spent with one purpose — putting Hillary and Bill Clinton back in the White House.

That’s why I need you to IMMEDIATELY sign your own personalized petition to “DEMAND RNC CHAIRMAN REINCE PRIEBUS FULLY FUND TRUMP OR RESIGN.”

And after you sign, will you make a critical gift of $50, $25, or $5 to put this message in front of another 10,000 Americans?

Stop Hillary PAC is a grassroots organization that relies solely on small donations from concerned Americans across the country who all have one thing in common: we are all committed to stopping Hillary Clinton from winning the presidency.

Stop Hillary PAC has already donated the legal maximum to fully fund Donald Trump’s campaign. And we’ve spent more than 2 million dollars attacking Hillary to ensure she will never take back the White House. With your help…we will invest millions more.


You know Stop Hillary PAC has been here from the beginning — the ONLY PAC solely dedicated to defeating Hillary. Now, we’ve endorsed Donald Trump and are putting all our resources toward helping Donald Trump become president.

Senator Ted Harvey
Chairman, Stop Hillary PAC






About 2 weeks ago, the team at My Faith Votes got together for an important strategic planning session, and they put together an extremely impressive 120-day plan to identify, educate, and active Christian voters.

This robust plan will leverage key Christian influencers — people like David Jeremiah, Josh McDowell, Kirk Carmeron, James Robison and others — and over the course of 120 days, hold over 45 events, reach 45 million people of faith, and mobilize 1.3 million nonvoters in swing states.

Just this past weekend, we held our first My Faith Votes LIVE Event and over 15,000 people attended.

We are onto something big here, and we are now stepping on the gas. Will you make a secure, tax-deductible donation to help us hit our goals?

To empower our key influencers and mobilize the silent Christian community, we must reach our $3.3 million budget goal. Even if it’s just $25, your support today will help to get us there.

I’m proud of the team here. They know what they want to achieve and they’ve put a bold plan in place to get there.

How many times have you heard about the 25 million Christians who did not vote in 2012? The fact is, their participation could have meant a world of difference. I decided to become the Honorary National Chairman of My Faith Votes because I’m tired of thinking about what could have been. It’s time for us to do something about it. We can each do something.

I hope you will help with a secure, tax-deductible donation today. We have it in our power to make a real difference in 2016, and I thank you for your continued commitment.

Thank you, and God Bless you.


Ben Carson









Scan 629


AUG 15, 2016


I saw some of Trump speaking today.  Responsible adult for GOP or career criminal on the left are your choices.

Libs we are not in Kansas anymore.  Four more years of lib crime is not going to be America survives.

Forgot terrorism, and baby murder, a liar in chief?  Your enemies want you to elect Hillary, DNC.

Don’t be so wise libs to follow in the footsteps of the text and drive generation.  People that dumb should not vote.



AUG 14, 2016



Why are you so crazy?

You execute babies and don’t understand abortion is homicide?  Of course you do know what you do.

Lies in the media, this is all just a big game, ha ha we hate you Christians or fair citizens who actually have laws?  Why because we are better people than you are.  Smarter moral intelligence level, tougher, better citizens.

This is your brain on legalize drugs?  Being stupid libs?

We don’t need an army for our 911 miles of border with Mexico?

The Constitution became your dart board how?

Other peoples rights are too much for you libs?  Not your rights in question, others.

Bottom line you are oppressive people, who suffer beastiality, your brains are unrefined rage centers that sometimes don’t separate you from wild animals.  You are so peaceful, no that is a lie to cover up your crimes.

If I took don’t; murder, steal, adultery, alone.  It shows how evil you are.

But your love libs, is what?  Hate.  You love to destroy.  Cain in the bible is your father.

Epidemic, if you think Hillary should be in charge of security, maybe you need to pullover and not vote libs, before you get somebody killed.

I understand the tantrum nature of libs, hold your breath and turn red or even blue.  Like bon jovi, pouts at being corrected.  How many STD fans he left in the grave.  So pout, you are still just as dumb, evil, and imperialist.

I understand you have your heads stuck so far up places where the sun does not shine, that you will tell yourself anything you want to hear to keep up the attacks.  You are weak libs, if everyone treated you like your oppressive nature, then we would have crime.

We actually call you adults Pelosi and Hillary.  The oversight is obvious when you can’t even pass basics of not committing fraud on America.  Mobsters do that, not Patriot Politicians.  You didn’t fight at Bunker Hill, but you want to give away everyone else’s freedom.

America has become believe it or not, like the ‘Nam era, anti soldier, anti freedom, hate the responders.

 Terrorists hate you Hillary, what are you doing trying to back Obama?

Libs sober up, you blame the victim as the foundation of your party.




My take on things.

Congrats Team USA leading the medal count.

Britain doing very well for a country their size.

Many of these athletes are new to me.  Disappointed with IOC,

this venue needs better security than if Hillary was running it.

Question if Miami had been the backup venue, how fast they could have arranged Olympics?

Sometimes for NY, Lake Placid Olympic training center has openings for Athletic Trainers.

I did get to Gore mountain on my Ticonderoga trip.  Their sign says Olympic authority at the bottom of the hill.

Also would like to see Olympic Baseball.  Tokyo 2020 that is scheduled for?

We do this well and our border security is not gold or silver, it is the aluminum can medal rating.




Highlights link from Colts scrimmage.


Thank God for Football.

From what I watched, Buffalo looks strong as a team.  They have talent everywhere, and depth.  Injuries at Linebacker have not helped, Enemkpali the latest with a knee.  So far Buffalo still has it together as a roster.

A scrimmage game so you don’t leave starters in there too long.  Looking ahead at the season.  Buffalo my best guess, if you can say it is not a prophecy thing, makes playoffs.  If they don’t go far in playoffs I would say it was a let down.

Last year announcing, Thurman Thomas was talking Superbowl, and I was on the same page he was.  This team can do it.  The two mistakes they need to clean up.  One is penalties and painting Tyrod into 3rd and Messiah situations.  The other is Buffalo scores early, falls behind in the middle of the games, and then is playing catch up.  I would get ahead and maybe eat the clock some with ball control offenses, run with two Tight Ends blocking.

In a word though, exciting, Buffalo has the players, and potential.  I would never get in a mind set that they can’t beat a team or come back in a game.  You perform and you win, make mistakes like last year, and it will be a disgrace.

Focus on winning and Buffalo will leave teams behind.  If they beat New England in the first game, that is going to change the approach by me.  I think it gives Buffalo an edge.  Who is a fast pass rusher opposite Hughes at DE by then will matter.


One of The Bills plays in highlights, as the Anouncer says that chicken wing (of a play) still had some meat left on it, where The Bills fight on and got more out of it, delicious.



If you want a comprehensive summary of the crimes that involves all parties and is still under statute.  Conspiracy will cover all criminals who have perpetrated crimes on behalf of Albany Government, DNC, Hillside.  It also qualifies under fraud, and damages to personal property if you know case ins and outs.

Hillside has some slow learners in Admin.  They lost in settlement with dozens of coworkers and myself.  Lost to a settled record.  The only delays they were able to create was by perjury which now qualifies the criminals for 20 years in federal prison for RICO.

So in system terms they keep escalating the crime against a mandated dog abuse, oops I mean child abuse reporter.  That is a term Clinical MHP’s (Mental Health Pros) know well because it pertains to people who are mentally ill criminals.

The meter has been running since Hillside took up a life of crime in summer 2011. In no way have they erased any crime, or settled the damages owed to Boardman as solo cases.

If you look at Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit.  Hillside may as well assume to put a 2 in front of the last lawsuit so it is $215 million this time.  I filed for millions before I must be bluffing libs.  Expect that next time too libs, false paperwork and we go to court smart asses (your mascot).

FBI has no excuse, the Hillary, 46 mobsters, and 301 Healthcare Staff cases were exposed.  So FBI has to have Hillside about wrapped up as a fraudulent business.  Staff who falsified court were to be fired by policy, class III misconduct.

I don’t care who the staff are, any Admin, or politician, negligent DA or Judge, you interfered with justice, you are liable.  There was no safe crime where a Judge can overwrite the law and force a Plaintiff who has rights by law to be protected against crimes in the court room, from filing.

Whatever a Hazard County Judge corrupted, a Rochester Judge may remedy, or at the least open a new case for appeals and let this be the wrecking ball on lib crime.  I am ok with arrogant libs losing careers and paying damages, jail is fine.

If the only way you will learn is to suffer then you will have it.



AUG 13, 2016


Saturday Night Prayer…

Something special happened this week.  I stood on location at a place in American history where men by names of George Washington, Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Arnold, as well as Ethan Allen and his Raiders passed through.  None other than historic Fort Ticonderoga, to the blessing of a cannon demonstration.

I know polls are getting rough on Trump.  And two and three weeks ago things looked better.

There is no damn way we give up here.  I saw the fort walls, numerous cannons in position, so much like what Mexico border needs now.

We have to win November Patriots.

Tonight I am asking you to pray for:

#1 The common sense of American Voters.

How can you ever think for two seconds that Hillary can continue the cancer of abortion or border negligence, lies to millions of people like we were born yesterday.

I am with you Patriots…

In Jesus’ Name.



No Damn Way, that we give up here for even a second.  Trump has to take this thing on behalf of all The Patriots since 1776.  Keep praying for Pence, the wisdom of God.

Things looking better upstate, grass is green as all summer, cool lightning storms.



AUG 12, 2016

Is Abortion A Murder?

Just shut up Christian nobody will ever know, it is all good, legal, no one

died.  Not discrimination, fair, therapeutic homicide we call it.

  -The Libs.

On a healthy baby, or a sick one.  You libs really are Nazis.


AUG 11, 2016



The election is not Hillary v. Trump.

It is scoundrels v. Freedom.  Patriots against criminals and devils.

You only kill BABIES, libs.

Yawn, Pearl Harbor Mexico border what?



AUG 10, 2016

Trump we gotta win man!


Hillary has a lust for corruption, destruction, empowering oppressors.  She does not own the country but wants to give it away.  She is setting America up for failure like The Cherokee reservation in the Trail Of Tears.

You are a dirty criminal, get my point Hillary?

Trump should wear a Hillary For Prison shirt in debate #1.




AUG 9, 2016


Pearl Harbor has any connection to an open border Hillary?  Even if you promised to build a wall, American knows we can’t trust you.


AUG 7, 2016




Is lib media by misrepresenting stories, in fraud/libel/defamation, or bullying?


AUG 6, 2016


Why is it libs trust in communism and disrupters like Hillary?  Academics they have forgotten the lessons of history, Stalin, Sodom/Gomorrah, Hitler.  Freedom bad, oppression good.  You can’t have religious freedom unless it is a murdering one, right dems?

Libs you are some dumb people.  Most kids know better than this.  But Harvard tell me socialism good.  Dumb college student never live under dictator that ruins the American dream.  Socialism must be good just look at the millions Stalin killed of his own people.


AUG 5, 2016


Storyline:  I was growing up and we were driving to the Midwest.  It got late one night and we stopped at a motel.  They were out of rooms, but the owner/manager offered for us to use one of his own rooms in his and wife’s quarters.


This week if you can stay on prayer for DC elections.  Go above and beyond normal prayer.

If you fast or tithe extra, I would do that.  African kids are dying, help them at Life Outreach International, Feed The Children.

Expect to have to go beyond for this election, get your relatives to vote, coworkers, churches.

Hillary is trying to sell America’s security to commies, and jeopardize the whole country, intentional.  Becoming a UN state would be her great road to nowhere.


In Jesus’ Name



Trump opponents in GOP you better find the will to win with him.



On the imperative of winning The White House.

Lack of unity is what got a minority vote getting candidate elected in GOP.  The Right needs to pull together to stop Hillary.  Trump offended some people true, but you are not voting for Hillary as GOP.  The third party idea is Perot, oops I mean Clinton all over again.  Never Trump is not bible.

Hillary’s continued Obama policies will destroy the country, not in a figurative sense.  USA can’t sustain another four years of the crime from libs.

How crowds are moved by Hillary?  She wants ISIS to patrol an open border.  You really are that dumb DNC.  This is who you supported.

Trump provides border security, finances, defense, health care.  After Obamacare got sinister liar Barack elected, you have to look for Trump to find a better plan than Obama, to remedy the sabotage.  Trump hands you a decision for new health care plans, you have to think it will stick.

Trump is the defender, Hillary is like a schizophrenic in the engine room of America.  When things stop working under her, don’t be surprised and don’t expect accountability.  A revolution will have to restore the country.

Think about it libs, Kim Jong, Iran, Putin, and you want Hillary for the grandiose purpose of incompetence!  Ding, ding, ding we have a winner, incompetence was the right answer!

The 11th hour morons, that is how you nominated Hillary.  You don’t even perceive the disaster ahead.

Trump will keep the country safe, God willing.




For general knowledge I have been in contact with the Justice Center listed below here about Hillside.  They prosecuted the other case on suspected child abuse.  Some of our Clients yes qualify as special needs and Justice Center can act against the agency for interference in a child abuse investigation.  Don’t be fooled though, some of those Clients are still criminals, they will lie, steal, threaten people with weapons, AWOL.  They are still bad kids/young adults sometimes.

That includes I previously contacted every agency on the bottom of this boarder screen that certifies Hillside and oversees their licensure.  My NY Reps at Albany also who work with a committee that governs OCFS, is part of their reach.

To date no law enforcement has told me, Russ we see your case, are working on it.  I would say “strongly suspect” FBI is cooking up a takedown of Hillside Admin.

Any news or GOP that wants a new Governor in NY, NYAG is caught red handed for not acting in this case for years.  His reply letter is in my court record as knowing about Hillside.  Cuomo is liable by RICO and Buffalo Billion/Moreland.

If you have some pull in GOP or think NY Patriots and MD ones deserve better representation than this, we are over 5 years now waiting for Cuomo to keep twisting the knife in NY’s back.  We need backup this is a serious organized crime issue.

Any contacts to Tom Reed to get him in the game?  Please do, I don’t get replies from him on this.




This was in a case separate from Boardman v.  Hillside.

I don’t know the staff involved.  A case like this, a Client could be lying, which is all too often in this population.  On the other hand the staff took the said Client to a house?  That has not been policy where I was.







Latest case progression was clarification for FBI on falsified docs from supervisors that initiated the case.  A fake write up citing allowed contacts to the corporate compliance officer, and bosses of two delinquent campus staffs bosses in different depts, were outlined.  And then a third date 10 business days later on a situation that was being worked on, with no timeline, to check back with staff who were looking for a “lost” file for me.  It appeared they were working on this ok.

Docs to show permission for the company Email contacts is part of the case.  This is beyond 5 years of Cuomo’s crime now, where he refuses to prosecute evil libs.  Evidence shows contacts to Governor Cuomo, reply letter from NYAG, and AG’s Labor Bureau.

Court was criminal escalation and perjury.  Hey Judge our Sociotherapist/YCP( youth care pro) with Hillside First Aid training has no medical ” Health” (for law definition) related duties.

I thought about that one, if I refused to read assigned Client background logs, and not sign off on the treatment plan from the MHP.  When something goes wrong by negligence, it is a child abuse charge on staff.  You have to know Client cases, meds, diagnosis, interventions, not healthcare at all to the losers in Admin.  It is rebellion to call it health related when they know it is autoshop or grounds work.

So what if they hired an MHP, they might be able to cut some grass here and there as a staff on a “treatment team”,  change the oil where necessary.  Didn’t you know that Hillside Clients are Pit Crew recruits and potential Drivers for John Deere?  Russ the social science classes you took, counseling, rehab, just all part of a bigger lawn mowing/ auto industry.  Nothing to do with healthcare at all.

Comey you see this Judge falsifying the case.

OCFS sits on it, as not a Client issue.  Nor obstructing a child abuse investigation.

Libs when this comes back to you.  You deserve what you get.  Rob taxpayers to abuse Clients, and blame the reporter?

God do you see this mess?  How about some wrath and brimstone.  Put these evils in their cages?  Protect NY Kids from swine in Rochester.  8 figures you say?  All a part of therapy for lib criminals.



AUG 4, 2016


Since July 25 the race has changed it is said.

What has not moved is heaven and earth.  America is still going over the falls, and soon-left to devils in DNC.

The election is a terrible mismatch.  Responsible Conservative versus the catastrophic disaster waiting to happen on The USA.

I don’t really see that Hillary was ever close to Trump as competent at solving issues, her policies and track record show that.  America is not any closer to prosperity because of something she did in the last ten days.  Opinion might have swayed, but common sense is you don’t elect pathological liars to DC.  No the bad kid in class is not going to come up with the scheme to pass the test ahead.

Voters need to understand if she ever were to win.  The consequences will be devastating on budget, babies, border security will be her ISIS recruits.  Be heading to the polls on time Conservatives.

Will she be ordered via court to step out of public service in her upcoming trial?  The article I read said if a Truck Driver did harm, the court could order the person to not return to driving a truck.  Hillary can be escorted out of politics by court of public opinion.

God has still not showed me any prophecy of who will win.  But the foundation of Hillary’s campaign is disgrace; murder babies Jezebel, ignore security you Pearl Harbor Genius, who has spent more than 911 days in DC.  Her campaign is a load of (edit) so stay upwind, she got four at Benghazi killed.  Your border Sheriff, alive baby, neighbor of Iran,  could be next.

America getting enough of the stench of her plans, is when she will lose.




The question of handling nukes.  You have to understand that Presidents have Pentagon Staff, at least he would use weapons if we had to.  Over the course of debates Trump has shown alot more character than at the onset.  Hillary has never gained comprehension of baby murder, border security, Assad, Iran.

I think Trump would get reckless with nukes?  No.  I don’t see him as the murderer Hillary is.




Maybe you are so tired from being overworked that you don’t get this.  The idea of accountability or credibility.  The Presidency of The United States is not a toy.  If you had an irresponsible Teen who could not be trusted with a bike, or money, siblings.  The last thing you do is put that item in the hands of a goofball decision maker.  What would happen if I took my keys at Hillside, handed them to Clients and walked out the door?  Returning to the gremlin hold hours later, several have AWOLed, some are raped, others sold into slavery?

Hillary is that goofball, you don’t let her handle national security after Benghazi and the investigation she lied her way through. Are you such numbskulls libs, like aborted babies, that this is safe to do with Hillary because it always was safe in the past to make stupid, reckless decisions and it didn’t come back to you yet?

Open the other eye now addict.  OBAMA IS A SEX TRAFFICKER by border negligence, it is a known fact.  Is that safe bleeding heart lib?  Are you sure about that?

Rejoice dems, you don’t have to be stupid anymore.  You can actually vote for a commander in chief who will crush terrorists instead of your country being crucified.  Or you were thinking nothing was going on dangerous in America, where can you get another beer to avoid the 911 issue?

Hillary is not even a good Rent-A-Cop.  Four caskets are her political soap box to use as a platform for a campaign.








It has come to the attention of the American public, that Fox News has a perverse agenda and the fixation with breasts as show and tell literature/pics on the internet, is a regular addiction. It is embarrassing for most adults who know how to dress themselves sexually appropriate to deal with the tabloid trash.  Do they wear bibs because they drool so much in admin?  Don’t lose your shirt over it, pardon the pun.  Why is a frat house much different?  They actually may have a lower breast count in frat publishings than Fox News.  It would be tacky if men wore shirts like females in Fox articles.  Could it be you are PERVERTS?  Church Lady get on that (SNL).



AUG 3, 2016





This past Saturday, July 30th, was a big anniversary. Did you know about it?

On that day 60 years ago, President Eisenhower signed legislation establishing “In God We Trust” as America’s national motto. It’s been on our currency ever since, as a reminder.

When he introduced the original bill in the U.S. House of Representatives, Congressman Charles Edward Bennett of Florida declared, “In these days when imperialistic and materialistic communism seeks to attack and destroy freedom, we should continually look for ways to strengthen the foundations of our freedom.”

As we sought to differentiate ourselves from the Soviet Union, the American people and our leaders looked to God for strength. Now, 60 years later, we require that same embrace of faith and a renewal of our respect for religious liberty, because it’s the cornerstone of our freedom.

Here at My Faith Votes, that is what we are working to initiate every single day. And we’re making incredibly steady progress. Our 120-day plan to identify, educate and activate Christian voters is underway and going strong. Just this week, we’ll be holding yet another LIVE Interactive TeleForum, this time with special guest Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty.

I ask you now to help us press on. To commemorate the 60th anniversary of our national motto, we need 60 supporters in each state to make a tax-deductible donation of just $10. It’s a goal that we can absolutely achieve with your help. Will you step up now?

It is very unfortunate, but we now live in an age where even our national motto has come under attack. You and I know that trust in God makes us stronger, both as individuals and as a nation. But that’s no longer a given.

Many in our society, and particularly in our government, want to whitewash our history and move America closer to a secular European model that places its faith in the state rather than God.

At every level possible, we must push back. First, that requires us to care. And then it requires us to participate. That’s what I’m asking you to do today.

Think back to just 60 years ago. A nation in danger looked to God for guidance. We embraced our religious freedom as a unifying strength.

That doesn’t just have to be our history. It can be our future as well.

I ask you to please stand up, and help us empower and mobilize the silent Christian majority. We need just 60 people per state to make a tax-deductible donation of $10. I hope that today, you will be one of them.

Thank you for your commitment. Your faith matters.


Ben Carson

Copyright © 2016 MyFaithVotes, All rights reserved

MyFaithVotes | PO Box 1340 | Merrifield, VA 22116



Border security, the budget, infant skulls in abortion, secret Email, national defense, Assad is a

“REFORMER!”, Iran.

Propaganda is what you specialize in libs.



                       Look at the latest Fox poll, GOP can win with Whites, Males, Religious, & Vet voters.

                      How many months did I post Carson and Rubio because GOP needs Minority Candidates?

                      At this frame I would talk with all Bush camps, Kasich, Rubio.  GOP has to get behind Trump.  Cruz is stuck up if you ask me, Trump tried to reach him.

                     The same I still will not vote unless Hillside and Albany are exposed on crime.  It is a severe negligence problem in GOP that Cuomo was allowed to do this to NY.  I am not going to help a party that wicked with a vote.




P R A Y E R:

Shannen Doherty

God brought Carman back from terminal cancer, ketogenic diet included.

In Jesus’ Name





Mike Stinko and D. Reichardson are two sodomite inmates in prison.  After appearing before the prison Doc to claim they were raped.  The Doc realizing these two were incarcerated for multiple crimes against society, can only conclude that they each have had at least three boyfriends in the last week, and no evidence of a rape exists contrary to their stories.



The abortion Doctor reaching for his favorite stabbing weapon.  Another American infant the would be victim this time in surgery.  When the ceiling crashes in, and none other than the Predator ( yes the one from the movies) pounces on the operating room floor, then clubbing the Doctor once with a scepter from the Vikings God, breaking the Doctor’s neck.  He then continues at three quarter sprint down the block to a burger joint- for protein calories, refreshments and autographs before resuming Hollywood.


AUG 2, 2016


Commentary about Trump from the libs primary false witness in society.  Somehow Trump does not have enough knowledge on Asia, Europe, Middle East.

We could do worse than China’s trade deficit, Ukraine, or Iran?

Obama has to be one of the most untrustworthy people to live in DC.  Forget Presidents, there are probably Bums who could give you a better account of politics than Obama.  I visited DC, and there were homeless people sleeping on storm grates, we should have had a survey to see who could answer more questions right,  CNN, Obama, or Bums.  The Bums probably win, you liars in the media,  how come you are not arrested for mental health?  Lies all the time, people like that, ask Krauthammer, they are kleptos.  Nuts, they don’t have it together to get in front of millions of people and give us news, it is like the psychic channel or fiction hour.

Watch Trump’s back, the media are some dirty pigs.


Anybody heard from FBI on Hillside/Albany?



JOHN 8:44

You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

JOHN 6:70

Then Jesus replied, “Have I not chosen you, the Twelve? Yet one of you is a devil!”

The campaign point of Trump calling Hillary the devil.  Right or wrong?  Right.

Take in the landscape of this election, American people lied to for 8 years, border undefended, healthcare trashed, budget almost over the falls.  The country is at the edge of collapse.

Enter Satan herself, Hillary Clinton, you arrogant b_tch, watching babies get stabbed to death.  Abortion your murder right, you go right ahead Jezebel.

Trump has Jesus in his corner.  Group dynamics is the country is in a terrible situation, and falling asleep to the threat is not making it safer.  Let’s play nice nice and use a flattering tongue by proverbs.  She is a witch, who cares if ISIS takes over the border or pathological liar tells even more lies to us during campaigns?  Couldn’t trust her with the fake video, to handle Email, in FBI questioning.

You turn your back on her and watch what she steals next.  Well you can trust Putin and Assad, ol’ boy Kim Jong, Hillary also.

Libs know they are some wicked snakes behind closed doors, you don’t have to speak well about them, they understand what crime is.

My advice for Trump, if it were asked is build on God principles, and stick to your guns.  His anger is well understood by hard working factory workers, and families threatened at the border.  Vets who set us free so Barack inmate can violate US Code 18 like he was flossing his (edit)  with a US flag, just like Cuomo.  People are mad Trump, speak up,  the libs have about destroyed America.

What this election is not, is the country in good standing, and two nice chums one Dem and one Republican decided to see who could make better plans to help the country.  Hillary will kill America, let the people know.





To run a country you need some basics.

#1. Secure borders.

#2.  Stop crime.

#3.  Collect enough taxes to balance a budget without spending like a fool.

#4. And oh yeah don’t sabotage healthcare, so the poor actually have some coverage, small business can run, and existing work force keeps their choice of coverage.

Neither Hillary or Obama are capable of these tasks.  Obama is an underhanded Muslim terrorist who attacked everything he could, letting Assad kill by 6 figures, and let Iran have nukes.

Hillary is so dumb and incompetent, she thinks Obama is a good leader.

In this 11th hour America can’t afford four more years of this cancer, it will kill the  patient.  With any more debt or threats to national security.

Trump is unfit to be President?  He is more qualified than a Muslim saboteur and communist sympathizer who is so arrogant she violates top secret Email laws.

I guarantee I could run the country better than libs do.  Borders would close, abortion would stop, corrupt politicians from this Admin in power now would go to jail.  The budget would balance,  NATO and Allied Powers take the fight to terrorism.  Uncle Sam would sell hydrogen gas for Detroit fuel cell cars to balance the budget.  NHTSA would be required to show all crash ratings on new vehicles or they do not sell.  Global warming would be countered on solar snow making equipment at the ocean water level.  The wall at Mexico mandatory, the one for Canada eventual.

A tax plan?  Somewhere Ben Carson’s plan meets a line called greed in a bible.  And if a millionaire only pays the same % as anyone else, while the poor have nothing?  Then yeah 10% tax for everyone is fair, but it is not a samaritan to let people die or the budget collapse.

Can’t fix America?  This is not that difficult.



AUG 1, 2016



Despite the crime I have had the privilege to expose at Rochester.  I always knew when I finished shifts at Hillside that the most important work I do is here at boarder.  I never compared one to the other, Hillside was part of this, as you have a duty as a Samaritan in society, so it all connects.  But if you had to weigh out Let It Ring versus dirty libs cheap shots at my file in Hillside.  This was a good way to catch some wicked devils that destroyed your standard NY.  Your kids get less protection than SPCA at work for pets.

Some perspective, there is way more Athletic Trainers in America than Employees at Hillside.  But also multitudes more mandated child abuse reporters in NY and MD than Hillside alone.  The fact Hillside did this to an Athletic Trainer, it is a raw disgrace; we have to function as first responder, Physical Therapist, and pre game Trainer for Athletes.  Job duties I know the PT ( Physical Therapy) profession tries to look down on AT ( Athletic Training), AT is actually the harder line of work and more emergency related.  The fact Hillside did this to a Counselor, who under the sun could give a rip? Do you hear what I am saying Oprah? These are bad people in charge of NY.  Or to a free Conservative Patriot what they did.  They must have thought the Tea Party was against Angels in any era.

Comey you need to prosecute the evil, Trump wins, and USAG, Cuomo, Schneiderman, all these predatory libs, go to jail. Cry me a river if you don’t, you are reinforcing the evil, and libs will vote for it again.  The cycle of abuse continues from libs, the same as predatory sex offenders.



More Elections

November is going to be the most important election since 1776.  Terrors foreign and domestic have reached the worst point in history.  We only armed terrorist Iran, Obama’s #1 outlaw state by last election’s debates- he made it clear to Romney.  With nukes John Kerry.  Wow are you dumb.

The national debt is a flood up to the gunnels, growing at an exponential rate.  With a pathological liar running a close second for commander in chief.  Hillary is a security nightmare and communist sympathizer.

Maybe it takes Ivy League math to figure out the debt rate of growth, so Harvard libs can appreciate the threat Hillary is.

What would help, is if CBN ran an election center, to get Vets enlisted to vote.  All churches, you have a duty as a church to vote.  Parable of talents from Christ.  Including a prayer list, donations for GOP candidates in all three houses.  Win is all I am saying, don’t take greedy troublemakers for granted on the left.

Fox could send some speakers to the plate at all the Ivy League schools before November.  It might take 43 to cover Yale, O’Reilly on Harvard, Hannity to Brown, Dana to Penn, Kimberly to Columbia,  it leaves Princeton, & Dartmouth uncovered, any volunteers?  Don’t forget UB while you are at it, the school is the size of Cornell and things are getting close in some elections for NY.  Ben Carson I would nominate for Syracuse Upstate Medical speaker.



Why is Hillary’s court of public opinion trial not in headlines?  Maybe Trump can cross examine as part of debates?



Article today from Fox on the dangerous conditions at Rio with viruses in the water.

IOC should have suspended this competition for a safer venue.  I don’t mean it to be sensational, or rude.  There are plenty of other places with athletic facilities that are reasonable.  They have provided a cess pool of a competition site.

The Athletes are more valuable than to put them through this situation.  IOC should have recognized the incompetence and chosen an alternative site months ago.



JULY 31, 2016


On Hillside cases, the crimes committed by Governor Cuomo, NYAG, Admin at Rochester.

Don’t tell me you could walk into Walmart, have a manager ignore policies and NY laws like these liberals did.  And society would be expected to put up with it.

These people are crazy in Albany and Rochester.  They have tried to force a criminal standard on free Americans.  There is no explanation or excuse, except get these mentally ill people out of office.  I am not kidding they belong under the care of psychiatric prisons and the penal system.

I know many of you libs are worried about the support child abuse has received from Cuomo and Hillside.  How do you think Clients feel?  Some are orphans, Hillside has adoption services and is in charge of young children also.  Left to people as abusive as Sandusky.  That is true when incited floors turn to AWOL, unsupervised Clients, and it means riots, or sex offenders loose in communities.  Or Clients sexually harmed by peers.

The disgrace that these admin snakes are stealing rights of free Patriots.  Like a bible says that for a fool to reign over the righteous…  Hells Bells libs, God serves justice- all of you should be prosecuted.  And this will be a learning curve, you elect criminal politicians, and think you will get away with crime, then suffer when a Conservative USAG is on duty, until you figure out, Patriots will defend freedom.  And scumbag libs can go to jail.

You are a couple of snakes Cuomo and NYAG.




When debates happen between the two nominees.  Trump is right it should not be up against NFL, if you tune into anything this TV season, you should watch these debates.  Reckless liberals who hand the border over to terrorism need to sober up before they are Poland or France in WW II.  Pearl Harbor or 9-11.  Get head out of beer keg and bong resin libs!

The disparity of an inferior Hillary to Trump.  One question for Trump that she can’t answer, even if she tries.  Is what possible role could she take on for Trump after her criminal behavior, in the business world?  So the average hard working American is supposed to be duped by Hillary, because she is a predatory administrator, and accept a lesser standard than the business world?  How did she become boss of America?  By being a criminal?

It does not matter what antics she comes up with for debates.  The plans and records of these two are as far different as freedom and socialism.  That will still remain after any debates, so to listen to her babble about worthless ideals, serves no purpose.

It is Trump’s to win, Hillary’s to obstruct.




Steady rain right now upstate NY.

Grass is starting to grow green again.

Some lawns were a yellow/green mixture from drought.




Russ –

Just yesterday, NARAL president Ilyse Hogue stood on stage at the Democratic National Convention and proudly shared that her child was killed by abortion. The crowd erupted in applause – I could hardly believe what I was watching.

To underscore what Marjorie has already shared with you, there is no hiding the fact now that Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party is the party of abortion-on-demand, paid for by us – the taxpayers.

I will not stand for this, and I know you won’t either. Please say you’re standing with SBA List and innocent unborn babies by making a gift today to stop Hillary Clinton’s radically pro-abortion agenda.

Here’s a link where you can make your gift: https://www.sba-list.org/donate

Thanks for standing strong for LIFE.

– Marilyn


From: Marjorie Dannenfelser <information@sba-list.org>
Sent: Wednesday, July 28, 2016
To: Russ <souls@boarderofeternity.com>
Subject: This makes me sick


JULY 30, 2016


If the tar from cigarettes was available in a spray can only.  Would people still use as much of it on an annual basis for inhalation?


 P R A Y E R

#1.  With Trump ahead in polls.

Three House sweep of DC.

In Jesus’ Name





How does this year’s team compare as a whole to The Superbowl years teams in Buffalo?  Or can The Bills really put all the pieces together?

The short answer is yes they can, but how is still ahead of them.

By Offense, Tyrod brings so much to the team as a role model and competitor.  If The Bills don’t capitalize on his talent, fans will be banging their heads off walls for the next five years looking for someone as good as Tyrod is where I would put it.  He is appreciated in Buffalo yeah, but I am not sure everyone understands how special a QB he is though as an athlete.

When Buffalo had Thurman at RB, he helped offense as a receiver and runner.  It takes stress off the receivers to have that outlet.  This year with the shake up and RB’s in trouble, the focus goes even more to McCoy.  It can still work great, but the approach may be different if Reggie Bush does not happen.  Where it is Fullback and McCoy, instead of maybe two speed guys in the backfield.  My personal take, I like Gillislee  as a second runner, he showed me something last year breaking those long runs.  Karlos Williams is a big missing piece when Buffalo does not have that tough runner in.  The front seven in NFL are a menace, the hits they dish out, you have to absorb that with your running backs.  Buffalo might use the TE’s in backfield to meet that and defend McCoy, run over defenses from TE as slot receivers, with Fullback Felton in the backfield.

Defense, Superbowl teams had a pass rush that Bruce Smith and Bennett really forced the issue on opposing teams.  Bennett I count as the right compliment to # 56-LT on an all star defense, and should play opposite him.  This year Buffalo has the players, yeah, but they have to break the ice as a unit and show it.  If it means steady pressure on pass rush from Hughes, and draft Shaq Lawson or Enemkpali becomes the other banshee defensive end/OLB on the other side?  Slow linemen are not so valuable against an NFL backfield.  What I could see, is if Shaq returns and Enemkpali blitzes from one of the Linebacker spots back from the line, more inside rushing.  I don’t see O Line getting an easy handle on Enemkpali.  Even with a back blocking him, he is that smash mouth type of hitter.

Secondary speaks for itself, they are talent in a word.  If it were me, on Gronk, I would line up an End and Tackle in his gaps, either side of him, so he is jammed on release from line of scrimmage, and then hand him off to an LB who can run, and is taller maybe.  Which means Manny Lawson/ Randell Johnson.  Save the safeties for the other 3-4 New England receivers.

If Buffalo somehow does not make it far in playoffs, I doubt they look back and say they didn’t have the players.  Healthy they can do this.




Texas hot air balloon accident.



As libs will continue their false reporting to the American public during elections.

Some of the criminals I have seen over the years making problems personally, in the dirty world of juvenile justice, which ends up running like a bad prison.

Sexual harassment.

The big three I would call it were these.

-First female hits on me harder than any girlfriend ever did.  Ends up at the floor I worked on, that wasn’t hers, inside our office, tears running down her face one shift, tries to walk right into me.  Gives me her Email contact later.  It was the crash cymbal after a long drum roll of shifts, of similar events that were PDA related.  #1 I am on shift to be on shift,  so I tried to redirect it outside of my job because Lifeguards don’t do this on duty, it was stay on point, and step it down to friends.   Then it becomes I can’t believe he tried to address this issue.  HR actually helped me on that one.

-Female staff getting too close, tried to trash my file.  I turn around in a store, and she is right there inside my space again, standing too close, a hand breadth between us at points?  That was why I resigned from the floor, I knew her swing and miss, and retaliate episodes would continue, so might as well find another floor, we had openings.

-Female staff can’t handle AWOL on an all female unit so tries to assign me to work her job the next shift at another floor.  I am shift leader where originally assigned.  Then it turns into retaliation she is getting nowhere after trying to walk out of work telling me about customs when people in her family get married.  This became weeks of problems.  Endless complaints to a worthless supervisor who could not handle his own job didn’t help.

-I’ll skip the one I had to go to NYS Police on, female church devil who struck out hitting on me and tried to hide all her hard work.  I named witnesses against her.  A total con artist, whatever God does to her oh well.

-Boarder, someone walked into the middle of a conversation, and discussing abortion as murder, comparing scissors to knives as in both are weapons for Doctors killing babies.  That was too much as freedom of speech.  Police thought I didn’t do anything wrong.

-Cops, stop and frisk with false accusations for me.  Some of these Cops need to be reminded they don’t know both sides of a situation, or asked if a summons needs to be filed.

-The biggest  single group was baptists.  The number of shifts they incited floors, neglected duties, whined about non issues.  What it really may be is that they are gay, can’t handle duties as men and are playing a role for Russ to rescue them as damsels in distress.  Any other supervisor has to correct them, it would have been reprimand.  Such good Christians, I can’t make them law abiding, the true Judas nature shows after awhile.

Hillary debating Trump might be a huge joke, when you realize her background, job performance, plans.  It is terrible, her credibility is political lies.  I don’t want your guns, we trust you Hillary especially after Benghazi, supporting border policies of Barack terrorist.  You wouldn’t lie to us would you?



Dreary rain upstate NY, it is good.


JULY 29, 2016


Enough went by in news today.  What I got watching DNC disillusionment.  If two people was all that showed up in Philly to support a baby killer like Hillary, it would have been too much.  Abortion is not God’s right for you Women.  Murder, is your life would have ended at a conception abortion.  Of course you understand.

I would like to hear Trump’s wall plan.  Is an Arpaio Base being considered as part of it?  For the Lawman who took on Federal responsibilities, because Obama the saboteur.  America owes Joe thanks.

Two people running for office in charge of DC.  Agendas so different, Star Wars would put one on the dark side, and the other with R2.



I saw the closing of Hillaryscam convention and Trump’s rebuttal.

DNC really has no proven track record or plans to make USA work right.  Be honest a few comments at a cover up meeting are not going to stop the doomsday libs are addicted to.  This is in the 11th hour.  These people are a disaster in DNC.  Kaine, never knew anything about him, willing to run with Hillary, it is like pro wrestling when the bad guy picks a partner.  Expect only trouble from these losers.  The guy even looks evil.

Trump, if someone kept track of how much false witness he will endure by running against lib gremlins.  They don’t have any other way to win other than cheat against Trump.



Did you know that Governor Cuomo is stalking GOP?  My case which was totally corrupted by defense at Hillside.  NYAG has not prosecuted anyone there as his state duty in years.  This makes him and Cuomo Fed criminals with Moreland and Buffalo Billion.

It seems if I threatened to retaliate with the same crimes, against them, then somebody would get up and do their jobs against the retaliation, but not  Cuomo or his goon AG.  Stalker Andrew and henchperson  Schneiderman have a racket in Albany?  They are sorry partners in crime, mentally unfit for the job any longer.   I know you’re laughing they did the best they could, and failed miserably at job duties as libs.  OK that is pretty funny, child abuse didn’t get handled right, endangering welfare of children, this is like a comedy show for you?  Clink, sounds like you dropped the keys to sanity.




Links for water filter pitchers.  Removes lead, advertises  as  better than Brita.







That I showed you in recent days.  The correct order of events of how that started, and Unborn Nation recorded.

GW takes office 2001, I finish my degree in Athletic Training in 2002.  Recording, God did not give me the idea for studio until, I will say 2004 even though I used to play this on a synth at I.C. (Ithaca College) with headphones while in school.

9-11 hits, I was in Exercise Phys lab that day.  After graduation I worked for awhile full time in a detention, some of the time I would spend at the school there. This is near Judge Jeanine’s town, at Elmira.

I had watched 700 Club and seen Pat Robertson and Falwell talk about abortion and 9-11 before this, when I was at another location.  Pat Robertson makes a prediction in the same year Unborn Nation records of 2004 on GW winning DC.  As plain as I can tell you, the spirit of God was upon Newfield, NY.  I felt the same message from above, not from Pat blindly, that Bush would win, and that abortion was a part of 9-11.

By then in 2004 I had forgotten the letter from GW, and found it one day.  Oh yeah, this, it all lines up.  I wrote to 43, days before the attack, Falwell and Robertson discuss abortion in God’s wrath after 9-11 independent of me.  I was no one to them or in music right then.

I go back and find the letter.  I was glad 43 wrote, I knew we didn’t get too far at stopping abortion, but I held on to it out of respect, knick knack not being the cheap definition.

It tells you three Christians agreed on this.  God gave me that title in a church service for the song, I did not struggle with it for two seconds.  It was not even on my mind to write on abortion in music.

I was very committed to Church, evening service on Super Bowl Sunday, Church is first if I am late to the game, that was usual even for Super Bowl.  Sports didn’t seem that important anymore.


These lib devils are killing kids, not torture and release.





Is what I had written about to close abortion clinics back in 2001 to 43.  The perception GW could stop the murders with it.  Maybe it works or him and Cheney are impeached as it starts to bleed the GOP leaders from power.  I am not saying it would have worked or held, worth mentioning.

Some libs are so dumb they think an aggressive 400 lbs gorilla being killed who is dragging a human kid around is bad.  Even better, if we don’t let you massacre your children, you are deprived of horror time.  Like the early Indians who had sacrificial burial mounds in America.  Harvard, you are so much more civilized in your murders!  Those heathen with the snake mound in Ohio, enlighten us friends, we must know why you are so sophisticated beyond cave dwellers.  Why is it Ivy League can’t follow basic logic?

A murder is defined as the following on baby who can be delivered to an incubator, or rat trap just for kicks.  It is a learning disability you are so stupid at Harvard.  This is not a murder? ‘Shut up Russ, sweeping that under the carpet with the extra large broom Roe v. Wade, which Hillary tries to get us sex addicts who can’t stop having kids, telling lies, pretending nobody else sees the killing 50 million strong.’  I see  and so if you aborted a toaster you would in effect be killing the machinery?  Or if a housepet was the victim of planned parenthood this would be medicine.

‘What do you do with a drunken sailor? Keel ’em to the hull until he’s sober, er-lie in the morning.  Hoo-ray up she rises, hoo-ray…, (an old sailing song).’

Pathology libs, genocide, you are worse than some dictators, well past buddy Assad by now.  Tree Hugger you gettin’ this?

National Guard, you can’t kill anymore babies, too bad, cry me a river and drown the whole world.  Tell it to the Judge.

God Freaking Dammit Are You Evil Dems!



This letter was right before 9-11, check the date.  I had written to 43, looking for an Executive Order to close abortion clinics.  I knew that Jackson had done this in effect to The Cherokee on The Trail Of Tears against a Supreme Court decision.

The reply letter came back and went in a folder cover of Church Chorus songs. Because I didn’t have a file for knick knacks of, how many Presidential letters do you have.  Although I still have a Pentagon brochure from High School and a trip to DC.

When 9-11 happened, my personal take on it was not surprised arrogant America was attacked.  Read enough bible and you appreciate the attitude problem better.  People are so divided and hate eachother, look at road rage just as a symptom.

Conviction from God that I spoke on CD and abortion and God’s wrath, not contrived.  Like the prophecy 43 would win 2004, I backed Pat Robertson on it by my own walk with God, on line here at boarder.  This was after he released his Unitarian 10 Offenses?

To be that baby, dying at the hands of a homicidal freak you call an abortion Doctor.  Strangulation instead would get the point across better Oprah as a treatment on infants?  Or no- ‘so I married an ax murderer liberal’- abortion really is a murder should be on marriage licenses?

We watched in Church from Ray Vanderlaan a video on the Valley Of Slaughter, who taught at my cousins High School.

Years passed from 2001, and I had no intent to record Unborn Nation independent of a band, record contract, or the whole Good Friday album.  God had me work on it in studio, go see what recoding is about, I had only used a four track before this.

So that first studio experience became the Unborn Nation CD.



Unless notified otherwise copying pics and scans from this site is strictly permitted for righteous Patriots. -RB.




That was a pic I took in a sanctuary.  Piano which I didn’t try out, sits at the bottom of the photo, not really seen here.  You can view water through the windows just behind it.

More of a quality envroniment.











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